hear a flower, paint a song

Workshop, Namwon Sound Art Residency, 2018

We had the pleasure to create paintings with 12 youths of Namwon. In our daily routines, we have become aware that we have taken for granted our encounters with sounds and thus we created this workshop, to learn, together with the participants, to listen with our eyes and see with our ears. Our occupied, talkative and busy minds have grown louder than the music of living, where we could hardly appreciate the sounds that helps us navigate through life, such as the sound of the car engine kickstarting the day, the drop of an object waking our being to alertness and the calm, gentle rustling of the leaves caressing our soul into peace.

In the workshop, we painted visual poems to express the shapes, movements and characters of sounds with gestures and colors. We hope everyone will continue to search for the noise that awakens you!